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SLSC TL 6002


Made up of fine quality bone china and powder coated metal parts, this is an elegant and unique design.




SLSC TL 6003


Jar shaped and colorful, similar to TL 6002 this model differs due to the use of glass shade instead of cloth shade.




SLSC TL 6004


Red hot design which has the potential to make your surroundings attractive.


The exclusive range of table lamps which we offer to clients are used in commercial and residential places. Attractive designs made up from best mix of different raw materials ranging from casted aluminum, steel, iron, fine bone china, cloth shades and glass.

SLSC TL 6001


One of the hot selling designs, it combines the tastes of buyers looking for contemporary and elegant table lamps.



SLSC TL 6005


Stone Age Design, it combines use of stone pillar with chrome plated metal parts.




SLSC TL 6006


This table lamp is made up of fine bone china and its umbrella shaped shade makes it popular among customers.




SLSC TL 6007


Similar in properties with SLSC TL 6006, it comes with the option of countless colors to match with all tastes.

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